Can you imagine a world without passionate people trying to solve problems? A world without entrepreneurs? We can’t.

But being an entrepreneur isn’t that easy. It takes all your energy to build up your startup, all of your time and pretty all of your money. No kidding. And too often even that is not enough, because a lot of problems need to be solved in early stage. But those problems seem to be quite the same all the time. Every startup needs contacts, motivation, customers, know-how and teammates. So why don’t we put our energy together to help each other passing early stage? We think, this is possible. Even to solve the biggest problems of all: money.

At some point pretty all startups come face to face with the situation, where their own money is dissaved, but they would need a little bit more to meet or convince Business Angels or to be able to benefit from Public Sponsorships, which usually require equity ratio. Wooonga Venture tries to bridge this existing gap between Self Financing and Business Angels / Public Sponsorships by bringing all the startups out there closer together. Therefore we invented a brand new way of – lets say Crowd Funding.

We really think, together we can change everything. Wanna join us?



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