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January 11, 2011

Three Options if you run out of Money.

Imagine you have got an idea, let’s say a business idea. It’s a pretty good one, you think, and you are willing to put it into practice. But after a while full of creating, working and building you run out of money. Yeah, it’s true: You need money to make money!

There are three possible ways to cope this situation.

The first one: Ignoration. Who really needs money? The guy in the supermarket? The dentist? The banker? – Who cares, right? Uhm.

The second one: Desperation. Maybe it was some kind of a hint from the universe, meaning you shouldn’t do whatever you wanted to do. Ahm.

The third one: Inspiration. Simply activate your brain and get some money; can’t be that difficult, right? (By the way: That’s the option most startup supervisors usually suggest.) Yeah…;-(

When we were in this situation with our first startup we decided to take the fourth possibility: Salvation. We invented a new crowd funding system to solve this every day financing problem not only for us and our startup, but for every startup out there. Worldwide.

That’s how Wooonga Venture – our second startup – was born. In the next few weeks we are going to explain what Wooonga Venture is all about and how you can help us and every other startup and therefore have the chance to get quite a lot of money. So stay tuned!