March 21, 2012

Real life is boring. But it rules.

Gamification is – quite – everywhere. Interesting article (german):

March 9, 2012

Gamification rules

Interesting interview with a German VC:

“Derzeit interessante Trends sind die App-Economy, Gamification und die Cloud sowie Crowd-basierte Modelle oder Kombinationen davon.”

(Translation: “The most interesting internet-trends right now: App-Economy, Gamification, the Cloud and crowd-based models – or combinations of all of them.”)

Well – Wooonga Venture is going to be a crowd-based gamification solution. Quite a good beginning. But there is a lot of work to do.

(By the way: We are always looking for some more ambitious team members and mentors, so don’t hesitate contacting us.)

October 7, 2011

Play your world!

Interesting article on gamification

Gamification is the use of gamedesign techniques to solve problems – so actually the thing Wooonga Venture is going to do. (Although we are using a pretty new way of doing it, anyhow.)

August 16, 2011


Wow – Crowdfunding is going to become a real big thing! Here is a list of crowdfunding-platforms and there are links to lists with even more platforms. Do you know any more? Write us a message (comment on this post).

More crowdfunding platforms:

March 11, 2011

Only 0,027 percent of the GDP for Startups

In 2009 only 0,027 percent of Germans gross domestic product was dedicated to startups (meaning especially venture capital). In Austria the situation is even worse. The European average was about 0,03 percent.
>> display quoted article (Original article in German.)

Let’s compare: In the US the percentage was 5 times higher.
0,13 percent of the 2009 GDP was dedicated to startups, according to a Deutsche Bank Research.
>> display quoted article (Research Study, pdf)

Is the situation getting better? Not at all.
“In 2008 Venture capital investment amounted to 0.054 per cent of Europe’s GDP […]”
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Would it be useful to support startups? Oh yes!
“[…] established companies are job destroyers. From 1977 to 2005, they erased 1 million net jobs per year. At the same time, new businesses in their first year added an average of 3 million (net) jobs annually; they were the job creators. Young companies also create jobs fastest: On average, one-year-old enterprises create nearly 1 million jobs, while 10-year-olds generate 300,000 per year, according to the report. Startups drive job growth, and they should be the focus of job-creation policies—not the larger, established employers.”
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What can we do against it? Well, funny or not, I found a quite interesting to do list on an American Website. Yes, although the Americans are much better in supporting startups than European countries are, they seriously think about doing it even better:
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Startups out there: We know it is hard, but don’t worry. Together we can change everything. Wooonga Venture is coming …

January 11, 2011

Three Options if you run out of Money.

Imagine you have got an idea, let’s say a business idea. It’s a pretty good one, you think, and you are willing to put it into practice. But after a while full of creating, working and building you run out of money. Yeah, it’s true: You need money to make money!

There are three possible ways to cope this situation.

The first one: Ignoration. Who really needs money? The guy in the supermarket? The dentist? The banker? – Who cares, right? Uhm.

The second one: Desperation. Maybe it was some kind of a hint from the universe, meaning you shouldn’t do whatever you wanted to do. Ahm.

The third one: Inspiration. Simply activate your brain and get some money; can’t be that difficult, right? (By the way: That’s the option most startup supervisors usually suggest.) Yeah…;-(

When we were in this situation with our first startup we decided to take the fourth possibility: Salvation. We invented a new crowd funding system to solve this every day financing problem not only for us and our startup, but for every startup out there. Worldwide.

That’s how Wooonga Venture – our second startup – was born. In the next few weeks we are going to explain what Wooonga Venture is all about and how you can help us and every other startup and therefore have the chance to get quite a lot of money. So stay tuned!